Wholesale Ribbons


Want to carry Kind & Funny ribbons in your retail store?! Awesome!! We don't blame you! Whether you have a clothing boutique, plant store, wine and cheese store, coffee shop, fashion truck, or gift shop, Kind & Funny ribbons are the perfect countertop gift item that your customers would be hard pressed not to buy as they shop your store.

Already have wholesale account with Kind & Funny? Awesome, simply login to the Wholesale Store and get your order on! 

If you don't yet have an account no worries. Contact us here, and we can set you up with one!

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General Wholesale Info:

Minimum Order:

  • $150

Wholesale Pricing:

  • 50 Ribbons=$150 ($3 per ribbon) 
  • 100 Ribbons=$275 ($2.75 per ribbon) 
  • 250 Ribbons=$625 ($2.50 per ribbon)
  • 500 Ribbons=$1,000 ($2 per ribbon)

Shipping Info:

  • Please allow a 2 week turnaround time for wholesale orders. Note, there will be an additional shipping fee determined when your order is placed.

Payment Info:

  • All first orders will be handled via invoice and must be paid via PayPal or credit card before the item is shipped to you. All reorders can be placed via our Wholesale site at your own convenience. 

Looking for custom ribbons with your brand and a one-of-a-kind slogan just for your shop?

  • Cool! We'd love to work with you! Simply contact us and we will work together to develop your very own custom Kind & Funny ribbon to showcase how awesome your brand is!

Custom Ribbon Pricing:

  • 50 Ribbons=$150 ($3 per ribbon) + $100 custom design flat fee
  • 100 Ribbons=$275 ($2.75 per ribbon) + $75 custom design flat fee 
  • 250 Ribbons=$625 ($2.50 per ribbon) + $50 custom design flat fee
  • 500 Ribbons=$1,000 ($2 per ribbon) + $25 custom design flat fee