The Ultimate Compliment Ribbon Rolodex 6-Pack

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We might be biased, but all of these ribbons are important and to buy all of them in this here 6-pack is the right thing to do. Having six on hand allows you to do the following:

  1. Be that prepared person, who always has a gift on hand for anyone in their life.
  2. Start your own ribbon collection because, duh you should and because yes, each Kind & Funny ribbon has a limited edition run, and more designs are coming for you to continue to collect. 
  3. Spruce up your dinner parties with hilarious ribbons as a part of your tablescape, where a distinct ribbon awaits each of your guests on their dinner plate officially making you the coolest dinner party host alive.

Ribbons say:

  • Bet people rarely have to remind you that "You're on mute."
  • So proud of you for taking care of your plants. You're a wizard.
  • Pretty much the best person I know. At least the in the top 3.
  • Your work ethic and love for ramen inspires me.
  • You are smart and capable and fantastic at leaving parties early without anyone noticing.
  • The fact that you can pull off mom jeans, is something to celebrate daily.