Inspiring Work Ethic & Love for Ramen Compliment

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You know those people who you know okay, but not like, super good? Maybe your new co-worker or the person who joined your book club months ago who’s hosting this week’s meeting. Well, my friends, this ribbon is for them. It’s weird. It may or may not be accurate to the person you give it to, BUT that’s okay. By giving this ribbon you will induce any of the following: 1. Your giftee will laugh and be like, “WTF this is so weird. I love it. You are someone I want to know more about. Let’s be friends.” Or 2. Your giftee will be like, “Woah this is weird. Thank you for giving this to me. Thank you for being my friend and for respecting my work ethic and appreciating my love for ramen by acknowledging both with this badass ribbon.”

Either way, this ribbon will end up on their desk as a treasured momento of a weird, maybe uncomfortable, but totally awesome interaction with you.

Ribbon says: Your work ethic and love for ramen inspires me.